Getting Ahead - Reconnaissance Of What Could be Ahead

Before your interview, it is a good idea to spend some quiet time to work through the answers to these topics:


  • Contrast - What experience, education, leadership or training sets me apart from my peers? Why am I being selected out of all the applicants that applied to be interviewed? In other words, what are you doing or saying that makes management particularly interested in you?

  • Job Scoping - How will the new job significantly differ from the one I currently have? Obviously, before the interview, you may not know. Still, it is a good idea to think about what duties, tasks and responsibilities could be be part of the job. Will there be additional supervisory responsibilities? Travel? Budget responsibility? Additional meetings? New computer skills? Less clerical or administrative tasks?

  • Change Management - If selected, will I be able to make the changes that will be required of me? Will I miss my old job and my old teammates? Will I be operating well outside my comfort zone? And if so, how much time will I have to adjust and perform my new duties with confidence?

  • Career Path - Does the possible new position fit into my (mid-range and long-term) goals in my career? Is it a more important (and visible) role in the organization? Or will I be side tracked and kept from reaching my goals?

  • Manager Intelligence - Just who is my possible new boss? Is he/she a petty jerk or micro-manager? Or does he/she motivate and give proper credit to his/her staff? What do the people you respect - who know about the manager's style - have to say? Is he/she respected by others? Am I going to be comfortable fitting into my new role in the group and able to abide by the political agenda? Keep in mind: No matter how wonderful the company/department is, it is your direct manager who can make your job a great experience or a living hell.


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